Maine Odds Boost: Best Odds Boosts Available Today in ME

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Have you ever looked at a game and wished it had better odds? With Maine sports betting odds boosts, this is now possible if the sports betting platform offers it. Learn more about increased odds bets below.

What Are Odds Boosts?

Odds boosts work like discounts on lines. These Maine sports betting promos offer better odds on a certain game or wager for a more favorable outcome. As a result, customers get more value out of picks without putting more money on the line. 

Sportsbooks reduce juice on a specific outcome for a limited time, usually 24 hours. For example, odds on the Red Sox winning could get a boost from -150 to -110. Boosts will typically increase odds by 10-40%.

When lines have less juice, potential profits go up. Winning a $50 wager at -150 odds would return $33.34. The same wager with odds boosted to -110 will record profits of $45.45. Payouts get more impressive with bigger boosts and multi-leg wagers.

Are Odds Boosts Worth it? 

Whether or not a sportsbook odds boost is worth it depends on a few factors. Sports bettors should always weigh the probability of winning a wager before using an odds boost. Bets that aren't likely to hit won't suddenly become a winner with less juice.

Profits are another important thing to pay attention to. Some sportsbook boosts may seem like a good idea but only make a marginal impact on overall profits. Calculating potential payouts will help make sense of the overall value on a sports betting odds boost.

Odds Boost Calculator Explained 

The easiest way to calculate odds boosts is by figuring out the difference between original and enhanced odds. Following a simple formula would look like this: (Boosted Odds - Original Odds) ÷ Original Odds = Odds Boost Percentage Increase.

Let's say standard odds on the Patriots to cover a 4.5 spread are -200. An odds boost on this outcome could shift lines to -100. This works out to be a 50% increase. Wagering $200 with a 50% boost will pay out $400 ($200 Wager + $200 Profit) compared to $100 at standard odds.

What does a 100 odds boost mean?

Lines with a 100 odds boost indicate that standard odds are being doubled, which is a 100% increase. For example, total points for a Celtics vs 76ers game going over 209.5 could be listed at -110 odds. Applying a 100 odds boost will increase odds to +110 and double potential profits.

Best Maine Odds Boosts: May 2024

Whether you're a rookie sports bettor or a seasoned pro, odds boosts are a great way to get more value out of every game. Here are the highlights on the best odds boost offers in Maine.

Best Odds Boost Today: May 2024

It's hard to choose our favorite odds boost when Caesars Sportsbook Maine is running dozens of deals every day. Maine sports bettors can routinely get a leg up on lines across major league markets. Our favorite odds boost right now is on a triple parlay for no runs in the 1st inning of select MLB games.

Best Maine NFL Odds Boost

Barstool Sportsbook NFL odds boosts will be stacked with action for Week 1. Every day, Maine bettors will find boosts between 15-20% on up to 10 games. Parlays are prominently featured for daily boosts. These are usually a quick-pick parlay with 3-6 teams and considerably increased odds.

Top Maine NBA Odds Boost: May 2024

WynnBET Sportsbook NBA Finals odds boosts go hard on same game parlays. Daily boosts tend to have at least one 3-leg parlay. Standard odds on an over/under parlay for an NFL Finals game could get a 15% boost. Point spreads also get a fair number of boosts to win or keep the game within a certain margin.

Leading Maine MLB Odds Boost: May 2024

PointsBet Sportsbook MLB odds boosts keep pace on increases around 15-20%. This average spreads across all 4 boost types: Regular, Super, Parlay, Crowd. MLB spreads get a lot of action on Crowd Boosters. Odds will increase by at least 1 point for every 100 bets on a particular point spread.

Most Common Odds Boosts in Maine

There's no shortage of line sales for sports betting. These are the most common sportsbook odds boosts coming to Maine.

Daily Odds Boosts 

Daily odds boosts are exactly what they sound like—various boosts on certain odds every day.  Most sportsbooks have daily odds boosts on multiple sports and bet types, including moneylines, parlays, and props. Wagers are often limited to $50 or $100.

Parlay Odds Boosts 

Some sportsbooks increase odds on certain bet types. Parlay odds boosts add more money to payouts on multi-leg wagers. Maine bettors will find odds boosts on parlays heating up for major events, like the Super Bowl or NHL Playoffs.

Future Odds Boosts 

Futures odds boosts reward sports bettors for making the right calls on future games. Loyal fans with an aptitude for analyzing player stats can use futures odds boosts to score extra cash. Alternatively, casual bettors can level the playing field on long-term predictions.

Top Sports for Maine Odds Boosts

There are several different types of odds boosts that Maine sports betting apps offer across a variety of markets.

  • NFL Odds Boosts NFL odds boosts will offer better odds and boosted profits on a specific game or a number of games if it’s a parlay odds boost. An example of an NFL odds boost would be if the New England Patriots were -135 to win and the sportsbook boosted this to -110. Your wager of $100 would win $91 instead of the $74 at the original odds.
  • NBA Odds Boosts An NBA odds boost is available for all kinds of sports betting markets, but this is quite commonly used for player props or points spreads. This could see a prop bet on Boston Celtics player Jayson Tatum to have over 5.5 assists at odds of -125 increased to -100 or even greater. Take advantage of this boost and your $100 would return $91. This is $22 more than you would win at the original sportsbook odds.
  • MLB Odds Boosts An MLB odds boost tends to focus heavily on an individual player’s performance or on general statistics in games such as the number of home runs etc. For example, the Boston Red Sox to have over 4.5 runs at odds of +100 could be boosted to +150. This would see a return of $150 on a $100 wager as opposed to $100 without the boost.
  • NHL Odds Boosts As with the NBA and MLB, NHL odds boosts are often related to a player’s individual performance or, in many cases, the combined goals in an over/under wager. A typical NHL odds boost could see a wager on the Boston Bruins vs the Buffalo Sabres to score under 6 goals at odds of -120 boosted to +100. This would see an $84 return on a $100 wager boosted to $110.

Finding Odds Boosts in Maine

Local sports bettors can use Maine odds boosts to make the most of every wager when legal betting is in business. Boosted odds are the best way to gain a competitive advantage on select sports betting markets for bigger payouts. Always calculate odds boost increases and potential profits before using a boost. Bookmark this page for updates on new odds boosts in Maine.

Maine Odds Boosts FAQs


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